Aloha Anderson

23 08 2013


Fresh off the plane, Anderson joins Bryan and flickfesses the films they’ve seen in the past week.  Then, Miss Movies is back with a brand new Red Light / Green Light.


Scott & Brittany Coleman

19 08 2013

Produced & Edited by: Logan Moy

Shot by: Anderson Cowan

Top 5 Uses Of Animation In Live-Action Movies

16 08 2013


Defining the ling between reality and cartoon, Anderson and Bryan run down the TOP 5 USES OF ANIMATION IN LIVE-ACTION FILMS.


Top 5 Courtroom Scenes

9 08 2013


The verdict is in, and after much deliberation, Anderson and Bryan find ten films guilty of having the TOP 5 COURTROOM SCENES.  They’ll each make their case as to why these ten scenes were so memorable.


Top 5 Character Unravelings

2 08 2013

Anderson and Bryan unwind as they talk about the TOP 5 CHARACTER UNRAVELINGS.  Little by little, these ten characters have their souls chipped away until the moment they snap.


Red Light / Green Light

26 07 2013


Anderson cancels the Top 5 this week, but in its place, Miss Movies returns with five films for Anderson and Bryan to RED LIGHT / GREEN LIGHT.  She’ll pitch them upcoming movies that are actually in some stage of production, and the guys will make their case for whether the films should be made or not.


Top 5 Character Introductions

19 07 2013


Anderson and Bryan introduce the TOP 5 CHARACTER INTRODUCTIONS.  Whether or not the characters are memorable, their entrances will not be forgotten.