Listener Questions II

28 12 2012

To clear the air before New Years, Anderson and Bryan are answering questions submitted by you, the listeners.  Plus, Miss Movies is back for a second week in a row, but this time to bring you another round of Red Light/Green Light.


The Film Vault Family Christmas 2012

21 12 2012


Taking a break from Top 5s until the new year, Anderson and Bryan are joined by Logan, Miss Movies, and The After Disaster’s Mike Carano and Tyler White for the annual Film Vault Family Christmas.


Top 5 American Actors Never Nominated For An Oscar

14 12 2012


Anderson and Bryan pay tribute to some of the performers that need it the most with the TOP 5 AMERICAN ACTORS NEVER NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR.



My Week With The ILX

7 12 2012

Top 5 Movie Robots

7 12 2012


We’re right in Bryan’s wheel-house this week as he and Anderson talk about the TOP 5 MOVIE ROBOTS.