Top 5 Coming Of Age Films

14 06 2013

Lose your innocence by listening to the TOP 5 COMING OF AGE FILMS.  Anderson and Bryan go through their favorite stories of characters transitioning from childhood to adulthood.


The Toilets In China

10 06 2013

Save It For Air_Album Art copy

A Chinese baby develops abandonment issues, science can turn you invisible, the Burger King Bandits’ escape is foiled, and a teacher has an extreme case of the Mondays.


Top 5 Movies That Need To Be Retired From TFV

7 06 2013


Anderson and Bryan do some spring cleaning as they go through the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT NEED TO BE RETIRED FROM TFV.  Hear them each talk about films they love in the context of a Top 5 list for the last time.


Top 5 Douchiest Characters

31 05 2013


A-holes.  Jerk-offs.  Douchebags.  Anderson and Bryan count down the movie characters you’d most like to punch in the face in the TOP 5 DOUCHIEST CHARACTERS.


Top 5 Movies That Break The Fourth Wall

24 05 2013


Connect with Anderson and Bryan as they explain the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT BREAK THE FOURTH WALL.  They’ll argue over the many interpretations of what that means, and review Star Trek Into Darkness.


Top 5 Kidnappings

17 05 2013


Check on your loved ones because Anderson and Bryan are going through the TOP 5 KIDNAPPINGS.  From children to animals, some of the films they cover will make you laugh, while other will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Musical Selections

13 05 2013

Once again we’re going through our music libraries to talk about some of the songs we really like to play loudly.