Top 5 Gambling Scenes – Vol 1: Non-Traditional Gambling

27 04 2012

Hit up the ATM for Volume 1 of the TOP 5 GAMBLING SCENES: NON-TRADITIONAL GAMBLING.  Anderson and Bryan talk about their top 5 favorite gambling scenes, but not the kind of gambling you would normally associate with placing bets.  Before that, something that doesn’t happen often during Flickfessions, Anderson and Bryan discuss the same film that they saw in the past week.


Top 5 Movies NOT To Watch While High

20 04 2012

In honor of the episode being release on 4/20, this week Anderson and Bryan talk about the TOP 5 MOVIES NOT TO WATCH WHILE HIGH.  For whatever reason, these 10 films are hard to sit through sober, let alone in a state of elevation.


Top 5 Dark Comedies

13 04 2012

Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 DARK COMEDIES this week.  Hear about many great films that are hilarious for all the wrong reasons.


Zombies and Aliens (guest Gil)

9 04 2012


Summer Preview 2012

6 04 2012

Summer is fast-approaching and this week Anderson and Bryan are talking about their most anticipated films for the SUMMER PREVIEW 2012.  Find out which movies they’re looking forward to the most and hear about a few you may not have known are coming out.