Top 5 Topless Scenes

28 09 2012

Hot off the heels of Anderson’s bachelor party, the guys go over the TOP 5 TOPLESS SCENES as well as divulge incriminating stories from the wild weekend in Palm Desert.




Top 5 Dramatic Actors In Comedic Roles

21 09 2012


On the heels of last week’s episode, Anderson and Bryan follow up with the TOP 5 DRAMATIC ACTORS IN COMEDIC ROLES.  They discuss 10 hilarious performances by actors that are more regularly known for serious parts.


Fantasy Football (guest: Tyler Kahl)

17 09 2012



Top 5 Comedic Actors In Dramatic Roles

14 09 2012

Anderson and Bryan go over the TOP 5 COMEDIC ACTORS IN DRAMATIC ROLES.  They discuss 10 actors that have left their comfort zones to deliver great dramatic performances.


The End Of The World (guest: Adam Dorsey)

10 09 2012



Top 5 Con Artist Films

7 09 2012


Anderson and Bryan talk about the TOP 5 CON ARTIST FILMS.  Hear about 10 great movies centered around the sly and deceitful.  Followed as usual by another gamble on this week’s theatrical release.