The Toilets In China

10 06 2013

Save It For Air_Album Art copy

A Chinese baby develops abandonment issues, science can turn you invisible, the Burger King Bandits’ escape is foiled, and a teacher has an extreme case of the Mondays.


Musical Selections

13 05 2013

Once again we’re going through our music libraries to talk about some of the songs we really like to play loudly.


Dreams / Memory

29 04 2013

DVR your dreams, find out which body part to clench for improved memory, a man has an unusual request for the police, and we find out how rare a nickel can be.


Think Of The Children

15 04 2013

The blind hire and fire themselves, schools aren’t what they used to be, boy scouts care about who you kiss, a man is ticketed for running backwards, and an annoying couple’s fight lands one of them in jail.


Season 2

1 04 2013



Fantasy Football (guest: Tyler Kahl)

17 09 2012



The End Of The World (guest: Adam Dorsey)

10 09 2012