Dreams / Memory

29 04 2013

DVR your dreams, find out which body part to clench for improved memory, a man has an unusual request for the police, and we find out how rare a nickel can be.

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Top 5 Crooked Cops

26 04 2013


Find out who’s in it for themselves this week as Anderson and Bryan run down the TOP 5 CROOKED COPS.  Full of the sleaziest and greediest police officers in film, their lists will make you question the law.

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Top 5 Foreign Actors Never Nominated For An Oscar

19 04 2013


Following up on a former list, this time Anderson and Bryan pay tribute to the foreigners as they run down the TOP 5 FOREIGN ACTORS NEVER NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR.

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Think Of The Children

15 04 2013

The blind hire and fire themselves, schools aren’t what they used to be, boy scouts care about who you kiss, a man is ticketed for running backwards, and an annoying couple’s fight lands one of them in jail.

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Top 5 Movies You Love By Directors You Hate

12 04 2013

We’re dishing out the trash talk this week as Anderson and Bryan run down the TOP 5 MOVIES YOU LOVE BY DIRECTORS YOU HATE.  However, both hate the filmmakers on their lists for completely different reasons.

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Summer Preview 2013

5 04 2013


As summer movies arrive earlier each year, so must the SUMMER PREVIEW 2013.  Anderson and Bryan run down the films they’re anticipating most in the next four months.

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USC Men’s Crew Boat Christening

3 04 2013