Aloha Anderson

23 08 2013


Fresh off the plane, Anderson joins Bryan and flickfesses the films they’ve seen in the past week.  Then, Miss Movies is back with a brand new Red Light / Green Light.


Scott & Brittany Coleman

19 08 2013

Produced & Edited by: Logan Moy

Shot by: Anderson Cowan

Top 5 Uses Of Animation In Live-Action Movies

16 08 2013


Defining the ling between reality and cartoon, Anderson and Bryan run down the TOP 5 USES OF ANIMATION IN LIVE-ACTION FILMS.


Top 5 Courtroom Scenes

9 08 2013


The verdict is in, and after much deliberation, Anderson and Bryan find ten films guilty of having the TOP 5 COURTROOM SCENES.  They’ll each make their case as to why these ten scenes were so memorable.


Top 5 Character Unravelings

2 08 2013

Anderson and Bryan unwind as they talk about the TOP 5 CHARACTER UNRAVELINGS.  Little by little, these ten characters have their souls chipped away until the moment they snap.