Top 5 Movie Pet Peeves: Part II (guest: Mike Carano)

28 06 2013


Anderson and Bryan welcome back Mike Carano to pick up where they left off with Part II of the TOP 5 MOVIE PET PEEVES.  The three of them  discuss 15 things in film that take them out of their movie-watching experience.


Top 5 Breakup Scenes

21 06 2013


Hopefully we can stay friends after Anderson and Bryan run down the TOP 5 BREAKUP SCENES.  They’ll prove just how cathartic these scenes are with clips to back them up.


Top 5 Coming Of Age Films

14 06 2013

Lose your innocence by listening to the TOP 5 COMING OF AGE FILMS.  Anderson and Bryan go through their favorite stories of characters transitioning from childhood to adulthood.


The Toilets In China

10 06 2013

Save It For Air_Album Art copy

A Chinese baby develops abandonment issues, science can turn you invisible, the Burger King Bandits’ escape is foiled, and a teacher has an extreme case of the Mondays.


Top 5 Movies That Need To Be Retired From TFV

7 06 2013


Anderson and Bryan do some spring cleaning as they go through the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT NEED TO BE RETIRED FROM TFV.  Hear them each talk about films they love in the context of a Top 5 list for the last time.