Top 5 Characters With No Name

12 07 2013

Anderson and Bryan are back with a new list as they run down the TOP 5 CHARACTERS WITH NO NAMES.  They may be called many things, but the audience will never know the names their mothers gave them.


Top 5 Instant Streams – Summer 2013

5 07 2013


While Anderson is away scrubbing his soul, update your queue with the TOP 5 INSTANT STREAMS.  Once again, the guys are going through the films you could watch at this very moment to hold you over until the next new episode of The Film Vault.


Top 5 Movie Pet Peeves: Part II (guest: Mike Carano)

28 06 2013


Anderson and Bryan welcome back Mike Carano to pick up where they left off with Part II of the TOP 5 MOVIE PET PEEVES.  The three of them  discuss 15 things in film that take them out of their movie-watching experience.


Top 5 Breakup Scenes

21 06 2013


Hopefully we can stay friends after Anderson and Bryan run down the TOP 5 BREAKUP SCENES.  They’ll prove just how cathartic these scenes are with clips to back them up.


Top 5 Coming Of Age Films

14 06 2013

Lose your innocence by listening to the TOP 5 COMING OF AGE FILMS.  Anderson and Bryan go through their favorite stories of characters transitioning from childhood to adulthood.


The Toilets In China

10 06 2013

Save It For Air_Album Art copy

A Chinese baby develops abandonment issues, science can turn you invisible, the Burger King Bandits’ escape is foiled, and a teacher has an extreme case of the Mondays.


Top 5 Movies That Need To Be Retired From TFV

7 06 2013


Anderson and Bryan do some spring cleaning as they go through the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT NEED TO BE RETIRED FROM TFV.  Hear them each talk about films they love in the context of a Top 5 list for the last time.